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28493   RENATO GAMBA London Model 12ga.
24000   Renato Gamba, Princi Pessa, 28 ga. 27
C0500   Replacement Brass Case Corners
X0130   Rifle Cartridge Display
29454   RIGBY Big Game Bolt Action Rifle, .416 Rigby
29455   RIGBY Big Game Bolt Action Rifle, .416 Rigby
27421   Rizzini - Extra Lusso, .410ga., 27
23648   Rizzini - S782 EMEL, 12 ga., 27
D0153   Roll-Up Field Gun Cleaning Pad
C0405   Rolling Magnum Case
D0050   Rosewood Firing Pin Canister
OilCan   Round Oil Can
D0060   Round Vaseline Jar
Donation-1   Round-Up for the NRA and KidsAlive
MULTIBELT   Royden Multi Shotshell Belt
BELT   Royden Shotshell Belt
GP0020   Ruger & Co. paperweight
L0020   Ruger & Co. Trade Label
16130   Ruger - Model 77 RSI, .243 Win., 18
25344   Ruger - SR-556E, .223 Rem., 16 1/2"
29641   Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum, 6 1/2"
27113   Ruger Red Label 12ga., 26 barrels
ruger   Ruger Serial Number 13 Collection
16106   RUGER TRAP MODEL - 12 ga., 34 in.
15974   Ruger- Mark II Target .22 cal 5.5" - The Carmichel/Ruger Collection
16021   Ruger- New Vaquero .45 cal 5.50 - The Carmichel/Ruger Collection
16006   Ruger- P97 DC- .45 - The Carmichel/Ruger Collection
15963   Ruger- Redhawk .44 mag cal. 7.5 - The Carmichel/Ruger Collection
16071   Ruger- SP 101 .38 special 2.25" - The Carmichel/Ruger Collection
L1138   Russel Hillsdon Label
L1137   S. J. Car & Co. Label
L1145   S. Lucchini Label
PP019   S. W. Silver & Co. #3 Orange Pad
PP007   S. W. Silver & Co. #3 Red Pad
L1090   S. W. Silver & Co. Label
W4421   Safety Lever Auto Safety 12-16-20 Ga. Single Trigger
W4521   Safety Lever Non-Auto Safety 12-16-20 Ga. Single T
W4721   Safety Lever Operating Rod 12 to 20 Ga., Single T
W5021   Safety Lever Operating Rod Pin 12 to 20 Ga.
W4821   Safety Lever Operating Rod Returning Spring Non Auto
W4921   Safety Lever Operating Rod Returning Spring Pin Single Trigger
W4621   Safety Lever Pin 12-16-20 Ga. Single Trigger
W4121   Safety Slide 12-16-20 Ga.
W4221   Safety Slide Spring 12-16-20 Ga.
W4321   Safety Slide Spring Stop Pin 12-16-20
PH300-1   Safety Spring Double Shotgun 1
B0310   Salmon Fly Clock
PB370   Sauer, J. P. Butt Plate
31071   Savage Anschutz, 164M Sporter,. 22 Win Mag, Bolt action,
GP0021   Savage Arms paperweight
L0021   Savage Arms Trade Label
X0161   Scrimshaw Quail Wine Stopper
X0162   Scrimshaw Ruffed Grouse Wine Stopper
X0163   Scrimshaw Wood Duck Wine Stopper
X0160   Scrimshaw Woodcock Wine Stopper
W5221   Sear Pin 12 Ga.
W5221A   Sear Pin 16-20 Ga.
W5121B   Sear Right Hand 12 Ga., Single Trigger
W5121C   Sear Right Hand 16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
W5421   Sear Sprig Screw 12-16-20 Ga. (2) each
W5321A   Sear Spring Left Hand 12-16-20
W5321   Sear Spring Right Hand 12-16-20 Ga.
W5121   Sear, Left Hand 12 Ga., Single Trigger
W5121A   Sear, Left Hand 16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
M0304   Set of 2 Winchester Model 21 Catalog Reprints
T0151   Set of 20 Hardstahl Screwdrivers with Stand
M0113   Shadows of Shame by John "Pondoro" Taylor
W5521   Shift Lever 12-16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
W5621   Shift Lever Button, 12-16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
W5721   Shift Lever Spring 12-16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
TravBag   Shooting and Travel Bags
E0135   Shooting Glasses with 13 Pairs of Lenses
E0137   Shooting Sunglasses
WOOLLY   Short Woolly Snap Caps
X0106   Shotgun BB Fantasy Paperweight
T0370   Shotgun Drop Gauge
T0390   Shotgun Length of Pull Gauge
B0180   Shotgun Letter Stand
X0905   Shotgun Pen
X0595   Shotgun Shell Buttons
X0500   Shotgun Shell Cuff links
X0510   Shotgun Shell Tuxedo Set
X0183   Shotgun Sidelock Belt Buckle
T0350   Shotgun Wall Thickness Gauge
X0912   Shotgunners Fantasy Belt
X0154   Shotgunners Fantasy Bracelet
X0153   Shotgunners Fantasy Necklace
X0100   Shotgunners Fantasy Paperweight
X0125   Shotshell Express
X0900   Shotshell Keyring
X0901   Shotshell Money Clip
PH160   Side by side top rib - hollow construction
24201   Sig Arms SA3, 12 ga 28 Vent Rib
Ties   Silk Ties
X1900   Silver Plated Napkin Holder
F0020   Simichrome Polish
E0722-1   Single Gun Stand
C0185   Single Leather Slip-In Case
CM0601   Six More Miles - Chet Reneson Print
PB490   Skeleton Butt Plate
PP035   Small Black Goat Skin Leather
PP038   Small Brown Calf Skin Leather
X0597   Small Shotshell Button
11835-11836   Smith & Wesson - Asprey-London, .357, 4
30320   Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver Model 29-8 150th Anniversary Edition 6"
43936   SMITH & WESSON Model 41, 22LR,
C0502   Solid Brass Plaque Oval Ribbon Edge
C0503   Solid Brass Plaque Oval Twisted Edging
C0505   Solid Brass Plaque Rectangle
C0501   Solid Brass Plaque Rectangle Ribbon Edge
C0504   Solid Brass Plaque Round
PG320   Solid Gold (10 K) Stock Oval
F0553   Special T Satellite City Glue
SPLIT   Split Jag
43980   Sporterized Mauser Type 98 Rifle, 8X57MM
SQOil   Square Brass Oil Bottle
D0073   Square Glass Oil Bottle
25035   STAG ARMS AR-15, .223 Rem
StagKnife   Stag Handle Folding Pocket Knife
T0290   Stainless Steel Bore Gauge
34827   Stephen C. Milton Rifle, .375 Rug Mag
L1149   Stephen Grant & Lang Label
L1092   Stephen Grant & Sons Label
GP1092   Stephen Grant & Sons paperwt
28791   STEPHEN GRANT & SONS, 20 gauge
Buckle   Sterling silver belt buckle
x0075   Sterling Silver Belt Buckle
X0919   Sterling Silver Trout Buckle
23522   STEYR SCOUT - .243 Win., 20
E0175   Stock Guard
E0175S   Stock Guard & Comb Rising Combo
Cannon2   Strong 12ga cannon
Cannon3   Strong 45/70 cannon
cannon3a   Strong 45/70 cannon
cannon2a   Strong breech loading cannon
Cannon6   Strong Cannon
Cannon1   Strong cannon 1
16007   Sturm Ruger KP90 STAINLESS - .45 ACP cal.
16008   Sturm Ruger MK III 22/45 4 barrel, .22 LR
15970   Sturm Ruger NEW BEARCAT 50th ANNIVERSARY - .22 LR cal. Only
16020   Sturm Ruger New Model Blackhawk - 357 Magnum, 4 5/8
16075   Sturm Ruger P91DC Ambidextrous Decocker Model - .40 S&W, 4 1/2
16003   Sturm Ruger P94 Stainless Steel 9mm
34831   Sturm Ruger SR40 / Model 03470
15971   Sturm Ruger SR9 9mm 1st Production
34883   Sturm Ruger SR9C / Model 03314
M0363   Successful Shotgunning by Peter Blakely
Suedevest   Suede Shooting Vest
F0552   Super T Satellite City Glue
PH150   SxS Solid Top Steel Barrel Rib
L1093   Symes & Wright Ltd. Label
PB430   Syracuse Butt Plate
CM0602   Tail Shot - Raymond Pease Print
C0251   Take Down Case
MW120   Take-down and Assembly instructions for Winchester Model 12 reprint
MW100   Take-down and Assembly instructions for Winchester Model 70 bolt action reprint
MW190   Take-Down and Assembly Instructions for Winchester Model 42
MW200   Take-Down and Assembly Instructions for Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Carbine
K0160   Tapered Tang Hunting Knife
PP011   Technically Superior Pad
CX0864   The Art and Science of Goose Hunting (VHS)
X0465   The Art and Science of Pheasant Hunting DVD
ART   The Art of the Gun
16004   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection (Ruger - New Bearcat .22 LR)
16072   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection (Ruger- 22/45, .22 cal 5.5)
16017   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection (Ruger- GP100 .357 magnum, 4.2)
15975   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection (Ruger- Mark II: NRA Edition .22LR, 4 )
15976   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection (Ruger- Mark III Hunter .22LR 6.7 )
16009   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection (Ruger- P345, .45 cal.)
16076   The Carmichel/Ruger Collection/Ruger- New Model Blackhawk.44-40/10mm 7.5" barrel
M0290   The New Ithaca Gun 1931-1932 Catalog Reprint
M0280   The New Lefever 1905 Catalog Reprint
M0201   The Parker Gun 1910 Catalog Reprint
M0215   The Parker Gun Catalog Reprint
L1601   The Parker Gun Hang Tag
M0296   The Parker Shotgun 1860 Catalog Reprint
M0452   The Paterson Colt Book
M0173   The Western Angler Volume I & II
SOLID   Thin Solid Pad
L1140   Thomas C. Martin Label
L1139   Thomas Horsley Label
D0045   Three Turn Screws Horn Handle
D0041   Three Turn Screws Rosewood Handle
K0340   Thumb Groove Hunter
K0140   Thumb Groove Hunter Knife
W5821   Timing Weight 12-16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
W5921   Timing Weight Pin 12-16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
W6021   Timing Weight Plunger 12-16-20 Ga., Single Trigger
W6121   Timing Weight Plunger Spring, Single Trigger
W6221   Top Lever 12 Ga.
W6221A   Top Lever 12 Ga. Ventilated Rib
W6221B   Top Lever 16-20 Ga.
W6321   Top Lever Plunger 12-16-20 Ga.
W6421   Top Lever Spring 12-16-20 Ga.
PH301-2   Top Snap Spring D/A. Deeley
GunsCar   Trade your Guns for a Car
C0250   Traditional English Gun Slip
C0130   Traditional English Style Trunk Case
K0320   Traditional Hunter
K0120   Traditional Hunter Knife

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