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L1155   James Woodward Label
GP1155   James Woodward later paperwt
L7421   James Woodward Leatherette Label
26333   Jean Stassart - Best Sidelock, 16ga. 28" Barrels
L1078   John Blanch & Sons Label
GP1078   John Blanch & Sons paperweight
21273   John Bolliger - Custom Rifle, Signature Series, .375 H&H
L1080   John Dickson & Son Label
GP1080   John Dickson & Son paperweight
24387   John Rigby & Co. - Best, 12ga. 30" Barrels
L1081   John Rigby & Co. Label
L7418   John Rigby & Co.Leatherette Label
GP1081   John Rigby paperweight
L1130   John Wilks Label
GP1130   John Wilks paperweight
W3321   Joint Pin 12-16-20 Ga.
Y0105   Jorhat Camp Table
16895   Joseph Lang & Son - Best, .410ga. 26" Barrels.
L1060   Joseph Lang & Son Label
L7423   Joseph Lang & Son Leatherette Label
GP1060   Joseph Lang & Son paperweight
PP028   Jostam Hy-Gun Recoil Pad
T0250   Key Ring Choke Gauge
35809   Krieghoff - K-20 Parcours, 20ga., 30" barrels
35810   Krieghoff - K-80, Standard Scroll Sporting, 12ga., 32" barrels
PG100   L C. Smith Grip Cap
M0230   L. C. Smith 1892 Catalog Reprint
M0900   L. C. Smith Factory Original Hang Tag
L7403   L. C. Smith Leatherette Label
GP0015   L. C. Smith paperweight
PS180   L. C. Smith Screw Set
L1132   L. Santina Bernardelli Label
40942   L.C. Smith - Deluxe, 12ga.
41552   L.C. Smith - Field Grade, 12ga
CM0230   L.C. Smith 1892 Catalog Reprint
PB380   L.C. Smith Butt Plate
PB390   L.C. Smith Butt Plate
PG150   L.C. Smith Forend Escutcheon
L1600   L.C. Smith Hang Tag
L0015   L.C. Smith Trade Label
M0122   L.D.Nimschke Firearms Engraver
L1082   Lang & Hussey Label
GP1082   Lang & Hussey paperweight
PP037   Large Black Goat Skin Leather
PP039   Large Brown Calf Skin Leather
X0596   Large Shotshell Button
M0225   LC Smith 1884 Catalog Reprint
M0261   LC Smith and other Hunter-Made 1939 Catalog Reprints
M0204   LC Smith Guns Catalog Reprint.
dogbelt   Leather Belt with Brass Dog
C0210   Leather Briefcase/Travel Bag
C0410   Leather Covered Impact Case
C0220   Leather Field Case
C0056   Leather Gun Case Repair Kit
HAND   Leather Handguards
C0200   Leather Loaders Bag
C2   Leather slip case
C0407   Leather Slip In Case Shotgun
C0406   Leather Slip In Rifle Case
M0125   Lebeau - Courally by Nobili
21459   Lebeau Courally - 12ga, 28" Barrels
21269   Lebeau Courally - Best Sidelock Double Rifle, 470 Nitro Express
M0270   Lefever Arms 1891 Catalog Reprint
M0275   Lefever Arms Company 1913 Catalog Reprint
L7405   Lefever Arms Leatherette Label
GP0016   Lefever Arms paperweight
L0016   Lefever Arms Trade Label
PB200   Lefever Butt Plate
PB210   Lefever Butt Plate
PB220   Lefever Butt Plate
M0904   Lefever Factory Original Hanging Tag
PG151   Lefever Forend Escutcheon
PG050   Lefever Grip Cap
PB225   Lefever Nitro Special Butt Plate
L1150   Length of Charge Card
L1083   Leonard Puccinelli Label
GP1083   Leonard Puccinelli paperweight
F0130   Light Brown Stain
BROWNGLOVE   Light Weight Hunting/Shooting Gloves
T0252   Lightweight Aluminum Choke Gauge
26518   Ljutic - Mono Gun T, 12ga. 34" Barrels
CX0451   Loaded for Black Bears (VHS)
K0200   Lock Back Damascus Pocket Knife
W3421   Locking Bolt 12-16-20 Ga.
W3621   Locking Bolt Catch 12-16-20 Ga.
W3721   Locking Bolt Catch Spring 12-16-20 Ga.
W3821   Locking Bolt Catch Spring Plunger 12-16-20 Ga.
W3921   Locking Bolt Lever 12-16-20 Ga.
W4021   Locking Bolt Lever Screw 12-16-20 Ga.
W3521   Locking Bolt Stop Screw 12-16-20 Ga.
D0044   London Best Horn Turnscrews 3
20556   Ludvig Borovnik Ferlach, Austria, S/S, 20 ga., 27 _
29416_9   Magnificent Set of Four CSMC A.H. Fox Shotguns
M0112   Maneaters and Marauders by John "Pondoro" Taylor
L1084   Manton & Co. Label
GP1084   Manton & Co. paperweight
26304   Mario Beschi - O/U Boxlock, 20/28ga. two barrel set
L1085   Mario Beschi Label
GP1085   Mario Beschi paperweight
M0520   Mario Terzi Master Engraver Book
27149   Marlin, 1889 Centennial , 32-20 caliber, 21 barrel
16061   Mauser - Model 66 Standard, Bolt Action, .25-06. 24" Barrel.
26014   Mauser - Single Square Bridge, 8x60, 19 Barrel
L1159   Mauser Label
GP1159   Mauser paperweight
23127   Merkel - 141-1, Double Rifle, .30-06 Cal. 21 1/2" Barrels
18421   Merkel - 141.1, Double Rifle, 9.3X74R, 21 Barrels
26147   MERKEL 280, 28ga. 28 M/F
L1086   Midland Gun Co. Label
L1500   Model 12 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1501   Model 21 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
CSTOCK4   Model 21 Small Frame Gun Stock
L1502   Model 24 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1503   Model 25 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1504   Model 37 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1505   Model 41 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1506   Model 42 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1507   Model 43 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1508   Model 50 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1509   Model 52 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1510   Model 59 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1511   Model 62 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1512   Model 63 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1513   Model 64 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1514   Model 69 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1515   Model 70 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1516   Model 71 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1517   Model 74 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1518   Model 75 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1519   Model 77 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1520   Model 94 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1521   Model 97 Genuine Licensed Winchester Tags
L1157   Mortimer & Son Label
GP1157   Mortimer & Son paperweight
C0252   Motor Case
C0255   Motor Case w/Adjustable blocks & Canvas Cover
K0400   Multi-Use Damascus Knife
CX0857   Muskox & Caribou (VHS)
NDS   Next Day Shipping
D0090   Nickel Muzzle Stopper
PG310   Nickel Stock Oval
PG330   Nickel Stock Shield
PG331   Nickel Stock Shield Parker
nobel   Nobel Industries cartridge display
M0100   Nobili Best Guns
M0120   Nobili Modern Engraving
PP026   Noshoc Recoil Pad
PH170   O&U Top Barrel Rib; Hollow
C0150   Oak & Leather Ammo Box
C0110   Oak & Leather Full Length Rifle or Shotgun Case
C0100   Oak & Leather Trunk Case
C0101   Oak & Leather Trunk Case 2 Barrel
C0111   Oak & Leather Trunk Case 2 Gun
C0102   Oak & Leather Trunk Case 3 Barrel
PH100   Off White Front and Mid Shotgun Beads
PP100   One Recoil Pad Screw
MB130   Operation and Care of Browning 2000 Shotgun Reprint
MB140   Operation and Care of Browning Automatic-5 Shotgun Reprint
MB180   Operation and care of Browning B-S/S SIDE BY SIDE SHOTGUN Reprint
MB170   Operation and Care of Browning CHALLENGER .22 Automatic Pistols Reprint
MB160   Operation and Care of Browning Citori Shotgun Reprint
MB150   Operation and Care of Browning Double Automatic Shotgun Reprint
MB110   Operation and Care of Browning Superposed Shotguns Reprint
MB141   Operation and Care of the Browning 20 Gauge Magnum Automatic 5 Shotgun
MB142   Operation and Care of the Browning Automatic 5 Shotgun Light 12 and 20 Gauge
PH144   Orange Shotgun Sights
42390-42391   P. Arrizabalaga - Model 116, 12ga (Matched Pair).
30996   P. Beretta - 686 Silver Pigeon I, 12ga, 28 barrels
31228   P. Beretta - 686 Silver Pigeon I, 12ga., 26
31220   P. Beretta - 686 Silver Pigeon I, 12ga., 28
31894   P. Beretta - 692 Sporting 12ga
29534   P. Beretta - 692 Sporting, 12ga. 30" Barrels
28186   P. Beretta - DT 11, 12ga. 30" Barrels
22077   P. Beretta - S0 3, 12ga. 27 Barrels
21287   P. Beretta - S0 5 EELL, 12ga. 26" Barrels
18399   P. Beretta - S04, 12ga. 26" Barrels.
25153   P. Beretta - SO 2, 12ga., 27
25415   P. Beretta - SO 3 EELL, Imperial, 12ga./12ga., 2 Barrel Set, 28" Barrels
21288   P. Beretta - SO 3 EL, 12ga., 27 _
28931   P. Beretta - SO5 EELL, 12ga. 26"/28" Barrels
31944   P. Beretta 692 Sporting: 12 ga. 30" barrels O/U
L1135   P. Beretta Label
GP1135   P. Beretta paperweight
25922_25923   P. Beretta S687 Silver Pigeon, Matched Pair two barrel set
27407   P. Beretta. S06 EELL, 12ga. 29 1/2" Barrels.
24489   P. Beretta/Fracassi - S3 EL, 12ga. 28 Barrels
29150   P.Beretta - 687 Beretta Gallery Gun, .410ga. 25.5" Barrels
B0302   Paper Case Clock
29598   Parker - BHE, 12ga.
25886   Parker - DH, 20ga. 26 Barrels
25011   Parker - DHE, 12ga. 28 Barrels
30069   Parker - DHE, 20ga. 26 Barrels
36571   Parker - GHE, 12ga. 30" barrels
23009   Parker - PHE, 16ga. 28" barrels
22440   Parker - Trojan, 16ga. 28 Barrels
25010   Parker - Trojan, 16ga. 28 Barrels
27676   Parker - VH, 12ga. 30" Barrels
24058   Parker - VH, 12ga. 30 Barrels
23622   Parker - VHE, 12ga. 26" Barrels
27012   Parker - VHE, 16ga. 28" barrels

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